why is adoption so expensive?

"if all those kids over there need homes, why is adoption so expensive?"
"how much did she cost"
"just don't seem right, i mean, they want us to adopt them, but then it's so expensive"

i'm glad you ask. or make those statements...
here's a breakdown of the legal fees and other fees associated withe the process of adoption:

  • agency application: $250
  • agency contract fee: $800 
  • home study: $2,000
  • I-800a application (gov. req): $720
  • special fingerprinting: $170
  • county/state fees for authentication of dossier: $800
  • various fees for int'l and domestic couriers: $600
  • chinese authentication for dossier: $1200
  • dossier reg. fee (reduced for children with special needs): $500
  • dossier translation: $260
  • agency fees (these wonder workers have to be paid!): $6000 (agencies who offer grants for specific children take that grant amount off of this) 
  • contribution fee (it IS needed, and vital!): $500
  • medical file reviewed by int'l adoption specialist: $475 (insurance does not cover)
  • everything above this line we've paid for;
  • everything below this line, we need blessing with!
  • agency fees-professional services in country and such: $1,500
  • flights from U.S. to china (2 round trip, and 1 one way): $3,600
  • visa for child: $230
  • in-country airfare and other ground transport in country (for parents and child): $6,000
  • medical and vaccinations (paid to U.S. consulate in china): $500
  • hotels in country for 2 weeks (approx): $1600
  • preparation of chinese adoption docs: $900
  • post adoption follow up with home study agency: $600
  • mandatory orphange donation (it's how the children are provided and cared for!): $5300 
  • total: $32,205 (approximate, some are estimates)
  • post placement reports due @ 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year ($250 each, paid ahead of time, before travel) 

there? make more sense now? :) 

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